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BW Consulting - Your partners
for launch and beyond

A collaboration of experienced, industry-savvy professionals, we have been in your position. We focus on what’s important to you and deliver a consistent level of commercial excellence with every engagement. Consider us your extended team.

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The Launch Navigator

svg-icon Only 20% of products improve their sales trajectories 6 months post launch.*

There is no substitute for effective prelaunch preparation — ever.

We can help you, your brand, and your organization accelerate your product launch capabilities. Get started by answering a few questions from our launch navigator.

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*IQVIA Launch Excellence VI (2019).

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What We've Done

Digital Drivers

Our multichannel marketing strategy and approach to nonpersonal promotion during the pandemic has enabled clients to achieve their goals without interruption. For example, one client experienced:


industry benchmark
click-through rate

14 email engagements

from one HCP over a
5-month span during a time of no rep access

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